Crash animations can bring clarity
and understanding to
crash causes and dynamics.

Crash Animations:

  • Are built using pertinent materials, such as EDR & ECM data, as well as photos, skid marks, witness statements, and police reports
  • Use actual measurements to illustrate the progression of the crash
  • Relate vehicle positioning before and as a crash progresses
  • Can visually illustrate complicated crash dynamics
  • Communicate the relationship between time, distance, and motion.
  • Allow a few seconds in time to be slowed down and contain detailed statistics
  • Can show the crash from different visual perspectives
  • Are accompanied with detailed reports
crash animation-forensic crash animations for trial

Typical Questions:

How were vehicles positioned before, during, and after the crash?
How fast were the vehicles traveling?
How did the crash progress from beginning to end?
Was there an opportunity to avoid the crash?
Who was at fault?
Did road conditions contribute to the crash or severity?