Jay Nogan, Mechanical Expert

  • Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Twenty-two years of experience in industry; design, analysis, troubleshooting, manufacturing, problem solving
  • Experience in following industries:
    Automotive, Construction Equipment and Mobile Equipment Fire Apparatus (aerials) Railroad Right-of-Way Maintenance Equipment Shipbuilding
  • 20+ years practical experience with mobile equipment, hydraulic systems, failure analyses, mechanical design plus 16+ years in a manufacturing environment
  • 15+ years of successful forensic engineering experience
  • Has performed testing on exemplar equipment
  • Has testified in deposition or at trial more than 40 times
  • Has testified on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs

Jay Nogan provides technical investigations, analysis, reports and testimony toward the resolution of litigation and claims involving:

  • Crash (Accident) Reconstruction
    incl. Automobiles, Heavy-Duty Trucks, Motorcycles
  • Mobile Equipment Accidents
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Motorcycle Operation
  • Machine Guarding
  • Mechanical Failures

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Jay Nogan-Forensic Expert-Expert Witness Testimony

Our mission is to provide the highest quality forensic
and expert witness services to our clients.

Our industry and forensic experience combined with our similar forensic philosophies and complementary skills bring synergy to your case.

We have performed investigations for attorneys, insurance companies, and self-insured businesses.